Deadlines - EP

by Danny Rauger

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A collection of remixes.


released March 14, 2014

Executive Producer: Joshua Rauger
All Lyrics by: Joshua Rauger*
*Except where noted



all rights reserved


Danny Rauger Virginia Beach, Virginia

I'm 16 years old. I know this is cliche, but music is my life. It's the only thing I've ever stuck too. If you listen, thank you; and if you download, thank you. Thank you for just giving me the time of day.

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Track Name: Power Trip
Okay back when I was sleeping in my momma crib/Shit I was thinking every night that I aint wanna live/Saying stupid shit that I knew I never meant time well spent/No chick but a dude needs to nut may I vent/I never seen you even though I had a couple of dream of you/Even though I never met you I still believe in you/Thinking about all the time we would spend
I didn’t even know what love meant, yet/The first time I laid eyes on, you tits out aint even got a bra on dude/She look like a hoe she could never stay true/I aint looking for one night I’m looking for my whole life/And I would give it to you after just one night/Someone to take with me on my power trip/Someone who I think aint gonna dip and I hope that’s you/Because every time I close my eyes all I see is you

[Same hook as original]

This aint a crush cuz we already together/But when I finally get to bust it’ll be the longest nut ever/Love is a drug like the strongest stuff ever and “I’m trying to get lucky”/She on a power trip and she got me and she know she do/If my friends hear me talking I know they gone’/disown a dude/Like you wanna be a father, father/Ass stupid you’ll never get to college, college/not in your city and I knowing that your home now/You say that I’m your man but I don’t know if we’re alone now/I can’t help but feeling like you’re cheating on me please babe/I don’t even know why you & me date/Because, you could kick game like east bay/But you got a dude down on his knees saying please stay/For Pete sake homey pull it together/Just because she mine doesn’t mean it’s forever
Track Name: Guild (feat. Juxtapose)
My table’s like a Tyler, The Creator show/Every line is white
Hype as fuck like it’s time to fight/Everything moving slow but at the speed of light/Bright lights guide me down the street I’m high as kites/Headphones blasting Kiss Land because the mood is right/People shouting at me “Hey Dude” iPhone switched to Hey Jude/Pulling skunk out the trunk like it’s fucking legal/Got me feeling like I’m Jesus Mexican illegal/Stole a beagle out the front of the bagel shop/Bout to sell it for that great old green got me feeling OG/“Oh please” shit hoe please you don’t really want to fuck with me/Trying to find me some grub to eat pull right up to that Taco B/Got me wondering where Taco be/Mansion life where I ought to be/But I’m poor working on clogging all my arteries/Pardon the sudden parting of the mind I have/It’s really my bad faded off that white crack/My 30 minute lunch is up/Time to head back to class/Fucking higher than Jack stocking/Ask Jumnon he the one who taught me
Track Name: New Slaves
My momma was raised in a neighborhood where/People trying to make it out the hood yeah/Making money you would have thought you had help/But it’s like they aint satisfied unless you sell that crack yourself/And it’s that normal life when you brag about where you stay/When you aint got nothing but brag about what you made/When no matter how hard you try you’re stuck where you stay/It’s like you already lost the game/Way before you even start to play/It’s like you stuck where you at though you hustle everyday/New slaves

You see its leaders/And it’s followers/But I’d rather be a dick than a swallower//

They throw hate my way/Talking about they don’t like what I made/Saying I copy other artist they gonna regret it when I make it/You all can just say what you say/It’s not gonna change anything/I’m still/gonna be me I’m still gonna be me/I don’t care if you like it I’m still gonna be me/I’m still gonna rap the same way/I’m still gonna be me/They say I copy off Tyler Dr. TC/Ya’ll just can’t admit that I’m flyer you can’t compete with me/I’m like Ron Burgundy I’m the best in these streets/I’m like Ron burgundy you faggots can’t fuck with me/I’m the greatest MC you can call Pudding/Shit you can call me anything but you can’t call me no bitch/You can’t call me a snitch I’ll fuck your girl in the clit/I’ll fuck yo girl in the mouth/I’ll fuck yo girl in yo house/I’ll fuck yo girl on your couch/I’m bout’ to wreck you bitch/I’m about to tear her inside out/I’m about to fuck up her shit/It wasn’t my fault/She made that pussy pop/She made that ass drop/In yo bitch I got lost/Just like that one time with your mom/I take her pound for pound/I take her round for round/Now what the fuck you gonna say now
Track Name: Chum
Something sinister to it/Pendulum swinging slow, a degenerate moving/Through the city with criminal stealth, welcome to enemy turf/Harder than immigrants work, scrub is stitched into my shirt/Get up off the pavement brush the dirt up off my psyche/Psyche, psyche

I’ve never felt so alone/But loved at the same time the epitome of me/Is known as the sad and the lonely/I’ve grown with the taste of longing
Love is the drug I’ve been wanting/I’m an attention seeker but I don’t wear Abercrombie/And I’m so poor that I can’t even spell Versace/The ghosts of my past haunt me and the Demons still wrong me/But I still love them and I have no choice in the matter/My laughter is starting to become scarce/And I’m just a rapper alone while the rest seem to come in pairs/I’m just a villain and the studio is my evil lair/I’m not even worth the care that I’m not getting/And I haven’t cut my hair seems like I’m not living/My appearance is not one thing that I care about/I’ll go with crocs on and my dick out life is one thing I don’t give a shit about

Something sinister to it/Pendulum swinging slow, a degenerate moving/Through the city with criminal stealth, welcome to enemy turf/Harder than immigrants work, scrub is stitched into my shirt/Get up off the pavement brush the dirt up off my psyche/Psyche, psyche

Hey, maybe I do make a big deal out of small things/That’s just the way I was raised and brought up so what/I was taught to bug out at the sound/Of a fly taking a crap on the ground/From birth I was bound to a round/Table never able to make a sound/I was clowned pointed and laughed at from all around/I was drowned and tortured then they found me/With a frown how astounding how you hound me/And pound me year roundly and expect me not to come back with my hands up/Well you must of got me fucked you got me twisted/With a pussy mother fucking dick-less kid/Or a bitch-less dumbass with 66 kids/A whole year later and I’m still repping Houston/How am I so fucking stupid they don’t rep me no until I get that blue Benz/Or maybe some Obey that’s a loose fit, shit

Something sinister to it/Pendulum swinging slow, a degenerate moving/Through the city with criminal stealth, welcome to enemy turf/Harder than immigrants work, scrub is stitched into my shirt/Get up off the pavement brush the dirt up off my psyche/Psyche, psyche
Track Name: Power
I’m living in that 21st century doing something mean to it/You never seen a rapper make such mean music/You never seen an amateur in the game act like such a king to it/You never seen someone with such ability to prove it/No one man should have all that power/The clocks ticking I just count the hours/Stop tripping I’m tripping off the power/Bitch, I’m back and growing/Multiplying my share holding/I’m crazy like my hair when the winds blowing/You fucking dumb happy pop rappy crappy flow fagots/Flows gimmicky only one sound “Hip Hop hippity!” god damn no dignity/SING WITH ME this is what the Eminem Show done did to me/Now I got the balls to scream FUCK YOU to anyone that’s MMLP 1 and 2/No balls faggots show off, show what off? Your assholes to kids of America/I feel like Yezzy you people out to assassinate my character

[Original Hook]

Fuck Cox High School and the whole staff/Tell em’ Danny said they can kiss my broke ass/Or maybe throw me a cashola/Oh I’m a kiss ass Damn Ms. Lant got jokes/You dudes short minded thought is Mr. Gibson/I’ve never been one for t ass kissing/Pleasing you faggots is not my mission/My mission is to win Grammys and make millions/Nah fuck that I mean Billions!/I’ve never been for grills so I’ll get diamond incrusted filling in/I love you all and I be killing Kin Murdering like Eminem killing Kim/What? You think I have feeling? Shit, that’s a wish a stretch like Mr. Fantastic/Aren’t my rhymes fantastic? I’m so egotistical I’m still bumping my last shit/I’m so fucking sick I got Relapse in while Recovery plays in the back of it/GOD DAMNIT! WHAT YALL THINK OF THAT SHIT?

[Original Hook]

Throw some flowers, your funerals in an hour/All you fuckers gonna miss me when I fucking leave/They say I’m the epitome of the class of 2016/Well that’s a pretty bad way to fucking diss me/Cuz I love that shot give me more hate/Damn dude you must be crazed if you think people’ll be amazed/When they find out you admin a 6K Facebook page (fucking faggot)/Yo how’s Josh doing? I’m Surviving/I was happy earlier now I’m crying/I felt alive and now I’m dying/Where the bad bitch at? Where you hiding?
Track Name: Swimming Pools (Drank)
Now I done grew up around some people living they life in bottles/Daddy had that whiskey bottle pouring out gold like El Dorado/We can all assume what followed/But now I’m looking for some liquid to swallow to fill me up when I feel hollow/Loathing and self-wallow that feeling of emptiness/All worth it if I wake up feeling sick in el bano/Penniless broke begging the clerk that alien/Stuck in a life, I’m hating it addiction my only way of making it/And you ask me if I’m faking when

[Original Hook]

(Now open up your mind listen me Danny/Life aint about how many bitches you fucking or beers you canning/You need to find a moral self-understanding be who you can be/You need to stop with the labeling brandy and self-branding) Vodka in my canteen I aint even camping
Wide awake in a damn dream/It’s a nightmare that I can’t leave/Who am I, I can’t see who is that standing/In front me hand me another shot/While we talk and he ask me

[Original Hook]

I’m high you high ayyyyy/Pour me another shot drank/How about do you smoke take me another toke ayyy//

[Original Hook]
Track Name: Pink Matter
She told me she wanna find a new high/I told her hop on take ya on the ride of your life/Baby girl we gonna have a wonderful time/I’ll dim the lights you close your eyes/I just wanna hear the sound of your breath/The feel of your sweat as it runs down your breast/I can feel the air going in and out of your chest/I can hear you moan while you say I’m the best/We giving it our all and nothing less/It our first time and it’s tight/I don’t know what it is but we click and it’s right/And this is only the begging of the night/This all just feels so natural/Feels normal and like it factual/Feels prefect but the actual is that we acting like animals
Girl this room sounds like a zoo/Feels like we’re in a river canoe
I guess what I thought to be true/Only exist when it’s me and you/And girl you keep calling me God/I guess you’re right I don’t do the facades/I feel like I’ve just been found but before I was lost/I don’t ever want this to stop/We gonna keep it going till dawn/I don’t know how but we gonna wake up on the lawn/Of course naked in each other’s arms/And the neighbors gonna sound the alarms/We can hide in back up in my room/Do it all again I’m not tired are you/I don’t ever want this to end/Me and you girl that’s a good blend/And ohh the way you it feels when you bend/Don’t be shy girl this aint pretend/This aint a lie girl and I aint your friend I aint your brother/I’m your lover don’t be childish Donald Glover'Girl I’m making you hover/You either right above me or we next to each other/Or we in a line and I don’t mind being the one that’s behind/Hop on my lap like it’s your new ride/I don’t even know what we doing like we making it up/We’re finally proving our love/Girl you’re being so loud when you shout/In other cases I would tell you to pipe down/You biting your lip like you pout/You’re back straight but you normally slouch/Girl you’re making so proud/Feels like I’m floating on a cloud/We aint anywhere near a drought/We finally showing each other what we about/I don’t ever wanna crash back down into the ground/Girl we sounding like hounds/We all serious when we usually clowns/I’m about to give you a child/Because I really don’t wanna pull out
Track Name: Fuckin' Problems (Solo Version)
[Original Hook]

They told me get em so I got em/That lines been recycled so many times but I rocket shot while you stayed at the bottom/I got too good too quick I lost em they couldn’t believe they ears I rocked em/I rapped too fast for them to keep up I clocked em/I caused a ruckus caused you to rustle up your jimmies/Mother fuckers tries to hit me but I came to quick and knocked em off they feet/Take a seat calm down, take a drink cuz yo ass just got beat/They crown me victor another victory while you sit sad with the taste of defeat/So go ahead, look me in my face and say I can’t flow I’ll come back 10 fold/Knock your eyes out of your skull then you’ll see I’m not a force to be reckoned with/I’m not the one you wanna mess with I’m treacherous Calamitous/When I rap this whack shit cuz I’m not one for bragging/Nah I’m usually the one you see sagging his pants/With a CD that says Aftermath or OutKast/I’m usually the one you see repping the South Side/But now I live in Virginia Beach
So many famous people come from here/You mine as well call me another part of history/Beast/

[Original Hook]