by Danny Rauger

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New EP based off of the album that was based off of a mixtape that came out in 2012. So based.


released January 7, 2014

Executive Producer: Joshua Rauger
Track 1 Produced by: Otis The Great
Tracks 2-9 Produced by: RedHookNoodles

All Songs Written, Mixed and Edited by: Joshua Rauger



all rights reserved


Danny Rauger Virginia Beach, Virginia

I'm 16 years old. I know this is cliche, but music is my life. It's the only thing I've ever stuck too. If you listen, thank you; and if you download, thank you. Thank you for just giving me the time of day.

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Track Name: Hooked
Forever is too far away/Today aint shit compared to what tomorrow could be/They say I’m Bane in the brain/I’m going insane ready to roundhouse kick authority in the face/I’m ready to drain all the blood from my face/ Cuz I just (Pour Up [Drank])/And made me a steak/ Give me a break while I think/ And throw stones at this lake/ Cuz I just got rejected by a skank/ Fuck that bitch anyway, that’s called rape/That’s my second favorite pastime, behind this rhyme/It’s like I’m not even saying nothing, like the Mime/ I rap so long I lose track of time/

And I play GTA V so I’m use to committing crime/ Like robbing a bank I shrank down inside my tank/And shot a whole right through the chain link/Maybe I’m the weakest link in the chain/ You think that I’m playing? I’m a beast and be slaying/ I’m like a rap super saiyan, GOD FORM/ I taking over the game like a movie get your mother fucking popcorn/ Get your butter nice and creamy like you’re watching some hot porn/And to say I’m an amazing rapper is probably and understatement/ Imma get rich as fuck, without using product placement/Imma cause a stink without using hatred or racist/And on that note I fucking hate white people (fucking faggots)/

Danny is here and I’m all new/Got some nice nikes and my mic’s all blue/ I tell no lies trust me it’s all true/Fine you got me, I lied about my sneakers/ I’m not wearing Nike I’m wearing Adidas/And while I’m being honest I got a white penis/ But I got balls big enough to bounce myself down the halls/ Like that one episode of South Park I’m the 15 year old Randy Marsh/ And I take everything people say to heart/ But I just turn it back at them in the form of a fart/ 20 dollars to my name and that’s about it/ Maybe after this I’ll have 20 dollars and 50 cents/ And then I’ll be up in the club before I self-destruct/
Call me the not so slim shady/ Fuck anything else I’ll be rapping till I’m eighty/ And I go crazy and the water in my brains gets moldy/ Fuck what everyone told me I’ll be rapping till I’m homeless/
Track Name: Crazy Bitch
I’ll stab a ho might just go and slap a ho/Yeah ho get ready I’m about to slash you up like Freddy/ Fuck Jason I’m free mason and illuminati you just caught me/ In the act that’s a fact that whenever I see a bitch alone I attack/ I spit a rap put the bitch in a trance yeah I’m spitting ill/So real I aint even got a deal I’m poor so I’m gonna steal/Everything in any store that I feel fit steal shit/ I ill spit and I got this bill I kill so I can keep the lights on cut a bitch right at the tampon/

Go crazy bitch/

Roll in lime when I spit a rhyme it’s my time to shine cut the lights/ Up in the studio don’t need no bright passage way/ To pass the gates my lives at stake fuck this place/I’m about to go Crazy Ace and slash every mother fucker up in the face/Trace a line all I do is copy when I spit a rhyme/I’m the swine on a beat I never bite my cheek/ Disrupt the peace up the street when I stomp my feet/I beat my meat whenever I greet a crazy bitch/

Go crazy bitch/
Track Name: I Wished
I’m always that guy the one the girls don’t like the one who does stupid shit but is tortured inside/Yeah I’m him the fat kid the one who gets laughed at and not laughed with/ I don’t know why I do stupid things I’m the one who like the girls/ The one who would be there in just one word the one who wished he was their world/I wish I could say we and not mean two guys but me and a girl plural/I’m the tortured soul the one who wishes his songs would blow I wish I could let this one girl know/I’m the one who has to be happy for them when she says that she’s got a new boyfriend/ But inside I wanna find the guy and beat him and say that she’s mine/But I’m the guy who can’t do that I put on a fake smile and give her 2 claps/ Then I feel like I got nothing else after that but this is the way it always ends up cuz I’m fat/

I Wished you’d hole my hand/When I was upset/I Wished you’d never forget/The Look in my face/When we first met/

I’m the guy who gets picked under his best friend whom he’s known for years/ I tear hits my eye as I contemplate what could have been, maybe/ I’m the one who can’t let it get out because I’m afraid the girl would be laughed at from then out/When I’m around her I wanna pass out I wish I could tell her how, I feel/I’m the one who shed a tear at the pep rally I don’t know why it hurts to see you so happy/I feel happy and crappy at the same time; I’m the one who talked to you after/ I smile when I hear your laughter you’re who I’m thinking about when I jacking on the crapper/I’m the one who hates myself you make my life a living hell but then you make it just as well/I guess that’s my life I’m the one who loves you/ I’m the one who smokes weed cuz of the one girl who cheated on me/ I guess I’m Young, Wild, and Free call me Wiz I’m the one who’s about to steal a line/“When we text I get pissed when I get no reply”/

I Wished you’d hole my hand/When I was upset/I Wished you’d never forget/The Look in my face/When we first met/

I guess I’m a good guy, well I can think I’m the one who hopes you got no clue/And I’m sad when I’m thinking of you what else can I do, just Let It Be/
I wish I could see you this is not a good time/ I guess you know everything about me I wish I could say this one thing to Emily/
Track Name: Starry Eyed
Please stop with these questions/ Cuz the truth is that I’m guessing/ I never paid attention to the lesson/ So I lessen my chance greatness and greater my chance of detention/ The truth is that I’m morphing/ And dwarfing anyone who thinks they can afford me/I’m not a dollar sign I say so they ignore me/ This grinding done bored me It’s time to put the pedal to the floor b/I guess it’s good to know I could be of assistance/ But I live for resistance/Renaissance mind so it’s petulance/ I know my flow is very menacing/ I’m here for fun to murder you/Any rapper that aint me, slim, Pac, Big, Jay, Kanye, Andre, anyone from NWA, Wu-Tang/ I never heard of you/ Shout out to the greats I come to join you/ One day you’ll all see/ I aint a mutha fucking dollar sign/ I’m just starry eyed/ I aint a mutha fucking dollar sign/ I’m just starry eyed/

People really think I give a shit/ It seems like I’m the greatest/ Of all in their novitiate/ All their flows gimmicky I’m so over this shit whatever happened to lyricism/ Whatever happened to pad, pen, and the mind/ It used to be what seemed to define/ Where you got in this life/ But right now to my surprise it’s how you look not how you rhyme/ And I look like I don’t belong/ All you fuckers is wrong I’m raw/ And I don’t live to be wronged by none of ya’ll/But I won’t go home I’ll stay here with my ball and show you what the fuck I got going on/I’m nasty and very vicious/ I push my hate outward it’s very adscititious/ When I pay my inner asshole a visit and you wished it/ Because of how blatantly you dismissed it/ And until I make I’m going to be very vexatious/And even after until I’m applied the title of greatest/And if that don’t happen then fuck it/ But hey I’ll be 50 and patiently waiting/ And to me anything the rest of ya’ll say is falderal/ But ya’ll aint shit is all/ And all I say is magical/ Just watch until I craft my masterful works of art, bitch/

And I can talk shit all day/ But I have to be brave a maybe even behave/ If I want to be known as one of the greats/ And push out all of my character traits Oy vey here we go again/I’m here to crush I don’t give a fuck who or what/ I got no love especially if you above/Me and where I seem to hover/
Man to work hard hurts/ I’ve devoted all of my blood sweat and tears to this/ Spit true emotion all of you are beholding/A great that in the molding/
I’m not one to ever be broken/
Track Name: Dreams (I'm Tired)
I’m tired I can’t sleep/I’m tired of all the judgment and hate that surrounds me/ I’m tired of sitting down to cry/ I’m tired of the screaming and wanting to die/I’m tired of all the faggots and fools/I’m tired of all these bitches and garden tools/I’m tired of getting yelled at for breaking stupid rules/I’m tired of looking for acceptance just to be cool/I’m tired of not having cream/I’m tired of my dad not believing in my dreams/I’m tired of people saying I’m not real/ I’m tired of not having a deal/I’m tired of being yelled at for saying cuss words/I’m tired of being mad and flipping the bird/I’m tired of not painting a picture/I’m tired of people not listening to my scripture/

We all have dreams/That we aspire to/Some dreams we change to fit the scene others we belong to/I am both so I am the king/

I’m tired of not having Polo/I’m tired of people going crazy over logos/I’m tired of people treating objects like Frodo/I’m tired of bitches running away like Toto/I’m tired of not having a cult following/I’m tired of people on the internet coming on to me/I’m tired of not being able to afford USPA/ I’m tired of people seeing me in Faded Gloria/I’m tired of duded coming up to me saying “Let me see more of ya”/I’m tired of the constant rejection/I’m tired of being to pussy to ask the question/I’m tired of not living in a mansion; I’m tired of people asking me “Are you scene”/I’m tired of having to close my eyes just to see my dreams/

We all have dreams/That we aspire to/Some dreams we change to fit the scene others we belong to/I am both so I am the king/

I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m tired I can’t sleep a fucking wink/Every time I think I can’t see my dreams anymore the lights are fading/The constant rejection every time I’m thinking I’m felling the questions/If I could ever think and be one word “Maybe”/

We all have dreams/That we aspire to/Some dreams we change to fit the scene others we belong to/I am both so I am the king/
Track Name: DR
Hi I’m Danny, Mr. Rauger/I am the father, son, and Holy Ghost/No I’m not but I am tho/The best to exist this decade so my name you must know/No? Well, let me show you/

I’m the devil reincarnate/Several sacrifices made to allow my harvest/Kill all the martyrs, their mothers and their fathers/I’m what you might call, cold hearted/King of shit started/No love for these hoes I just farted/Trap her under covers to smell and inhale what I just sharted/You think I’m mean please, b, that’s me being tame/ I’m just playing I love these hoes/I let it show drag her to the forest bury her so/No one can have her but me see, how loving I can be/She’s my queen I’m her King that’s just how it must be/She thinking she has control over me, Hoe please/I’ll go TP her home throw stones at her window/ Be laughing while, her screams crescendo/Man young love is so gratifying the cops coming I need to bend low/Yo take it bro/

Yo it’s me your average rap artist/And I do mean artist/I take pride and time into my art bitch/And yes even I can start shit/It’s not just my alter ego with that gift/You see me make those emotional tracks when I rap/ I’m Josh Rauger I don’t have a father/I and Danny were birthed from the earth like a Greek myth/Hades the King Told us that we need to cause havoc to this rap shit/Cuz as Shady slowly fades out and Tyler loses interest someone needs to be here to conduct business/Well hi we’re here with two spears aimed at Brittney spears two hatchets and a meat cleaver/Aimed at that ratchet Justin Bieber/Two bullets aimed at Chief Keef, hoe Bang Bang/I would take shots at Rick Ross but the bullets would just bounce off/And I won’t be hypocritical they would me too but I’m a rap miracle/Yo, I think I might need to law low for a minute so take it big bro/

Guess whose back with a fresh batch of new raps/That I’ll spit fast to confuse you with short intention spans/I’m the mans two cans of whop ass/For every single last one of you fags/God damn you fuckers is bland/One fucking tone to your flow like hoe/What the fuck was you told?/You good nah bro you suck/For your shit I wouldn’t even pay free bucks/But good luck but as long as I am around/Your chance of succeeding goes down/I’m sorry please flip that frown upside down/
Don’t drown in those tears/Nah fuck bring out all your fears and list it to me/Give me your top 3/Danny, Danny, and Danny/Yeah that sounds about right to me/Yo, Josh take it over one last time B/

Attention all bitches, Midgets, faggots, and whack ass artist/I’m here to demolish your dream of being a major label artist/I’m here to give you the reality that as long as I and Danny/Are flowing home is only place you could be going/You’ll never go on tour, sell a CD, gain a fan; your life will just be boring/Your daughter will probably end up whoring herself out to me/And I’ll give her every major STD/I’ve been cat fished by every known girl on the internet/Have we even been rapping for a minute yet/Oh it’s been over 2 we’re gonna have to sign off here soon/I’d just like to let you know that we are the truth/And I know that must be hard for you/And being anything big is gonna be hard for you/But just let me promise you/That as soon as I die you won’t have as much of a problem dude/So assassinate me quick/ Don’t give me the chance to give the industry this dick/I’ll give you 5 seconds, 1, 2,3,4,5/I’m still awake it seems like you’ve just sealed your fate/Alright now let me get back to work/ Cuz bitch I’m about to go Berzerk/
Track Name: Give Me The Words
Give me the words that I’ve always wanted to hear/Give me the words that I’ve longed for all year/Give me the words that’ll make me laugh and cheer/Give me the words that’ll maybe keep me here/Give me the words that speak none of the truth/Give me the words that make me love you/Give me the words that’ll make my dreams come true/Give me the words that I know aren’t true/Give me the words that help me get through the day/Give me the words that make me wanna sing/Give me the words that make me feel okay/ Give me the words that make me want to stay and fight through all this pain/ Give me the words that make me feel alive/Give me the words that separate me from the other guys/Give me the words that I know are full of lies/Give me the words that still make me feel alright/

Give me the words that hurt me not to know/Give me the words that make us grow/Give me the words that hurt to know/Give the words that you told everyone else yo/Give me the words that I know you used to feel/Give me the words that I take in like a meal/Give me the words that make me want to kill/Give me the words so I know that this real/Give me the words that let me know this is fake/Give me the words that still make me feel so great/Give me the words that you put out as bate/Give me the words that put me in a frantic state/Give me the words that make me want to die/Give me the words that make me want to rhyme/Give me the words that make me want to try/ Give me the words that give me hope at life/

Give me the words feed me lies/Make me feel dead inside every time/
I heard you told them to another guy/ And then I want to commit suicide/Give me the words a simple phrase/I’ll play it back in my head all day/ Something I’m so afraid to say/Cuz what if you don’t repeat it back to me/Give me the words just one little statement/A big impact on what I’m saying/Make me want to smash your head on the pavement/Not so much if you just state it/ Give me the words that make me hate myself/Put myself on a shelf full of self/Loathing I probably need help/But I keep all these feeling to myself/Give me the words the ones that made me want you/ Made me go out and hunt you/Make me put a gun to/My head as I whisper “I love you”/
Track Name: Heart & Soul/Heavy Heart
I just don’t how to feel don’t know if it’s real/These feeling I’ve had for you since grade six mind says fuck patience/But when I try my legs get shaky like Haitians/The sad part is, I don’t even think you like me/The darker half of me says that you can bite me/I tell me friends I’m not interested but you can hear it in my lyric stanzas/I wanna tell you I love you I wanna tell you I want you/Man why does this feel like I Wished part 2/I wish I was an animated cartoon/I mean I love your hair I’m sorry girl I just can’t help but stare/Then I look in your eyes, I feel lost in the cosmos/ Then it’s right back to the pot smoke/I wanna give you my Heart and Soul/

Walk in saw you in the class room/All the pain from home went away/
Then you walk up to me and say “It’s over okay.”/I don’t know why but I said okay, the color left my body and I turned gray/I had a rough night; mom and dad had a drunk fight/I just wanted you in my sights/But the breakup had a silent killer I heard you left me for another/My heart broke into tiny pieces laying on the floor me weeping/You ripped it, you see this ass bitch you can kiss it/I was glad I was alone when I got home/I had a plan to kill her and him both/ So I asked my magic 8 ball it said “Kill them fools, you gave her your heart and soul”/

Left the house on my mongoose/Ripped out the part of me that was you/With a machete in my backpack, with some rope and a sandwich/ Guess who I saw kissing under the streetlights, now it’s time for a street fight/With a shiny metal bat that I pulled from my book sack/Whack em in the head, out shoots red/She starts shouting with a screech I have to just knock her off her feet/What I struggle dragging 2 bodies now let’s get to the good part/The machete chopping them into 10 parts/I think I’ll take the head last so they feel pain/And no one can hear you scream in the dark/Then I have to bury them so/Blade into equilibriums/Only bury the torso everything else I’ll take home/ And put their heads on a wall and tell that bitch how I gave it to her all/


I’m fucking sorry/God damn you really think I want to do this/I’m not doing it for me I’m doing it for you bitch/Because my love is a rude gift/ And everything I say is a backhanded compliment/But everything I say I put my heart in it/I don’t know what the fuck I am but I’m a monster/I belong on the dark side locked away/On the moon no matter how much I want it to be just me and you/But you’ll probably go to a good place/While I’ve just sealed my fate/And I belong in Hells flames/
Burning for eternity/And I every word I say is hurting me/And it’s turning me to serial murdering/So I talk to my fraternity/All the ME’s inside my brain/I really do think I’m going insane/And I just want to be with you/ And every word that I say is true/It’s like you cause me to contradict myself with my words you/Don’t understand that this is hurting me a lot more than it’s hurting you/
Track Name: Evo (Indigo)
It's a new day/

Camera lights are flashing they shine so bright/Not for me they’re just on TV tonight/Paparazzi and TMZ just some more peeps not looking for me/I don’t have any change and no money/I’m just another brain washed teen/ Rapping Yellow and Green like Tunechi/Man I’m back from the dead and I feel born again/Though I know I’ll never be the Valedictorian/I'll never be a mathematician, scientist, or historian/I’ll probably end up like my dad working at the grocery store again/Wishing that I owned a Dalorean/Man my futures fucked just like my past/I’m finally out of luck but how long could it last/My brains stuck man stuck in the past/I don’t mean to be a brash ass fast brass no cash/Flash dash lash gash smoke hash broke ass, but that’s just who I am/

The indigo world that we live in so dull/I’m trapped on this road; I just want to go home/ When I’m in the zone I work myself to the bone/Just for you not to condone and say I’m a clone/It seems that the more that I’ve grown I’ve become more alone/My styles my own and I’ll never loan it to you/ So don’t ask you can kiss my ass/I know I’ll be first while you’re tied for last/

It's a new day/

I made Doors for two whores/I made nun; now I gotta do chores to produce more/It’s no fun; falling to the floor every time I give I lose more/I’m fucking poor mooching off of family to live in a 2 store/I don’t own a gun and I’m not in the hood/I’m not selling drugs and not that I should/I don’t play a part and I done told you from the start/So quit fucking talking because who the fuck you are?!/You don’t know me never knew me blow me (Oh you don’t suck dick)/Hoe please drop down on both knees/ You better bow down to the king of nothing/You don’t have to love me/But respect me/Because I work hard just so people can bet against me/But inside it kills me/

The indigo world that we live in so dull/I’m trapped on this road; I just want to go home/ When I’m in the zone I work myself to the bone/Just for you not to condone and say I’m a clone/It seems that the more that I’ve grown I’ve become more alone/My styles my own and I’ll never loan it to you/ So don’t ask you can kiss my ass/I know I’ll be first while you’re tied for last/

It's a new day/

And in case you haven’t noticed/My brains broken/It’s like someone saw my mind was open and broke in/I’m not evil so stop feeding your parents lies/I’m sorry I don’t make music for people the age of 5/I take this shit seriously so you know you’re never beating me/Lyrically it’s like I’m doing this spiritually/I’m a celestial body with rhyming qualities/I’m rhyming constantly fuck counting sheep/I’ll freestyle my ass to sleep/In case you didn’t know, now you know me/I told you my story in 14 tracks/Made a couple people mad I’m going H.A.M/Murdering all Justin Bieber fans/And I don’t really give a damn/ To me it’s all just lips to ass this is my evolution/

The indigo world that we live in so dull/I’m trapped on this road; I just want to go home/ When I’m in the zone I work myself to the bone/Just for you not to condone and say I’m a clone/It seems that the more that I’ve grown I’ve become more alone/My styles my own and I’ll never loan it to you/ So don’t ask you can kiss my ass/I know I’ll be first while you’re tied for last/

It's a new day/