Pain​/​Gratitude - Single

by Danny Rauger

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released October 3, 2013



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Danny Rauger Virginia Beach, Virginia

I'm 16 years old. I know this is cliche, but music is my life. It's the only thing I've ever stuck too. If you listen, thank you; and if you download, thank you. Thank you for just giving me the time of day.

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Track Name: Pain/Gratitude
The words spill out like the blood from the cuts/Full of hate and love and she covers them up/The floor’s scattered with blood and cigarettes butts/She don’t give a fuck she’s just a bug/A worm in the ground she doesn’t belong in the sun/She’s an example of how much life can suck/At birth she was gifted with bad luck/This world is where she’s stuck not matter how many times she gets drunk/Sadness and death is reality/No matter how hard she tries she can’t get lost in the fantasy/Her whole life is blasphemy/She catatonic and acts irrationally/Everything she does end in tragedy and catastrophe/Her sadness is forever lasting she has no idea what’s happening/It can’t be cured magically she’s forever masking the

Pain/Deep in her brain/Pain/It drives her insane/Pain/She has only herself to blame/Pain/As the blade digs into her veins/Pain/As the blood drips into the drain/Pain/The cousin of the sadness she claims/Pain/Quickly her sanity ran away/Pain/The biggest thing in her life she sees it everyday//

She walked out the house for the first time in a day/Snow on the ground as pale as her face/Everything about her says beauty and grace/But she doesn’t believe me when I say it/She don’t know about love, she don’t know about love/She says she loves me and I know she does/I tell her to love herself but she don’t know that love/When she’s falling I’m gonna float that Dove/She’s weak and I’m falling who’s gonna hold me up/It seems like it’s destined to fail/I need to stay strong enough for both of us so it don’t run stale/I won’t bail when it rains hail in this hell

I need help/She need help/////
We need help/////

Pain/Deep in her brain/Pain/It drives her insane/Pain/She has only herself to blame/Pain/As the blade digs into her veins/Pain/As the blood drips into the drain/Pain/The cousin of the sadness she claims/Pain/Quickly her sanity ran away/Pain/The biggest thing in her life she sees it everyday//

I just want to hurry up and overdose/So I don’t have to stay on this earth/Just take one extra pill/And just spill onto the floor/And she the only one who can fix me/I’m okay as long as she’s with me/But she’s far away/So I’m always 11:11 wishing/But she never appears next to me/Always on the other end of the screen/I’m all alone/So I guess it’s time to lean/It just seems that every dream/Is a nightmare that I can’t leave/Night terrors terrorize me/Every night like a monster/Each day I can feel my life leaving/The want to live retreating/I’m tired of believing/That it’s gonna get better/I should know better/I should think less/The more I think the more I get depressed/But why should I give my life my best/Shot, when with one shot/I could quit early/Why can’t today be my last shot/I feel like I’m destined for more/I feel it in my brain and my heart/I should have been dead from the start/But I’m not so I guess I have to give it my best shot/I guess I gotta give it my best//I should've been dead from he start but I'm not/So I guess I gotta give it my best shot/

Gratitude Pt. 1:
I’m a faggot a bigot/With a bad habit getting mad I did it/Doing overtime in a business/That nobody cares about me in/I’m feeling myself again/Stuck in the clouds again/I am a man of sin Rin tin tin/Drinker on a binge/I’m a sucker for a damaged bitch/Put my hands on her tits and take advantage/Of her sadness and depression/I’m about to give her a lesson/On obsession and possession/This is a confession of a High School freshman/A rapper with no conscience I’m a lost kid/Part of a trio of pot heads/I’m a sad person and an unappreciated artist/My whole life is just two sides of one coin/I’m on the hunt for coins and to join groins/I am a robot whose life is a slow pot/All I do is smoke pot and I aint got no job/The only thing I do is murder other rhymers/And I aint made a dime off it yet/Even though I have somebody forgetting their rhymes like Alzheimer’s/I guess I’m just as easy to forget

Gratitude Pt. 2:
The darkness consumes me/The more I think you knew me/But you never seen the true me/You try to say some words sooth me/But I’m not too accepting to the/Words you say that wasn’t in God’s plan when he drew me/Nah he drew with a new face each week/Now let’s get real I can’t wear a crew tee/And I aint on the Crew team/And all I have going for me is rapping/My whole life revolves around bad luck and distrust/And red SOLO cups filled up/With coke and rum and I’m trying to get some/Now I’m down to the 4th or 5th one/Tonight and I know that sounds tight/But I’m emotionally stable for that life

Gratitude Pt. 3:
I feel like I been knowing you/But I just recently got a hold of you/And I don’t know what it is/But you really know how to control a dude/And I aint ever felt this/A legit mutual relationship/I finally don’t feel inadequate/For the first time in my life/I actually found somebody I would make my wife/I’ll do it tonight the pale moon light/Looks nice on my side let’s take flight/Reach new heights be each other’s sweet delights/I wish we could just hold hands and walk north/Start a new life our own family of course/I’ll be king you be queen/We won’t own a kingdom nah we’ll own the whole galaxy/I’ll take us far, farther than most/We can accomplish whatever we believe/I would do anything to make you happy/I just want to make you proud/I just want your dreams to come true/I just wanna run out my house and scream real loud/That all I want is you/We’re starting at the bottom let’s see what we can build too/When I look in the mirror all I see is you

Gratitude Pt. 4:
Twerk/Twerk It (25X)/Do it like I want you too/Do me like I want you too/Girl you know what I want you do/I already talked to you/But you don’t ever listen/So fuck you too/Don’t you duck me dude/Girl you know/I love you too/So what you want me do/I would do anything for you/What you gonna do for me/Girl you best believe/You only gonna get the best of me/What I’m getting outta you/All I’m getting is attitude/I aint even mad at you/I just want some gratitude