The Blue Album - EP

by Danny Rauger

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My debut EP!
Songs that didn't make the cut for my Evolution mixtape.


released August 21, 2012

Track 1 Produced By: Kevin Singh
Tracks 2-6 Produced By; Joshua Rauger
Executive Producer: Joshua Rauger



all rights reserved


Danny Rauger Virginia Beach, Virginia

I'm 16 years old. I know this is cliche, but music is my life. It's the only thing I've ever stuck too. If you listen, thank you; and if you download, thank you. Thank you for just giving me the time of day.

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Track Name: He Aint Black He Cant Rap (feat. Wierd0)
People say I’m not allowed to rap cuz I aint black/Now how the fuck should I listen to that/Weird0 is staying no matter what you’re saying/To say I aint good, but I guess I’m kinda okay/ They say i aint got the skills needed/To be ill and succeeded/Their brains are conceited/Minds set that I cheated/To get where I am now/Bitches listen quit asking how/All I know is that I’m getting kinda older/And this is enough to take the burden off your shoulders/ And put on mine/Somebody would find someone like me not someone like you/ Fuck Adele I pushed her into a trench and heard her thump when she fell/I didn’t leave till I heard that/Now let’s go back to the genre of rap/Where real rappers never get any recognition/It’s my mission to bring together every religion/Stop the hate crimes do that with rhyme/Challenge America while there’s still time/No one cares when Indians in Milwaukee get shot up/And there was barley anybody who even got up/Then a random guy shoots up on some whites/They say it on the news and opens us in a new light/Like all people who aint white are destructive/And all they do is act seductive/Now people usually talk to me and hate/Other people call me a saint/Others file out a complaint/Against me, they say they don’t like/When other races take a shot at the mic/Now I’m tired of the dykes/Just hop off my tip/Bitch don’t suck my dick with that piercing on your lip/I had the will to get up, and start rapping/While other kids my age, locked their rooms, fapping/Now finally things are looking up/yo, go get em MC Pudding Cup/

Now everybody just sit down and imagine, If you were me and nobody wanted you rappin/First it starts with the chronic laughin, then with all the names they be castin/Right at me which I throw right back at them, and honestly wanna take a stab at them/But that won’t do me any good, instead I’ll throw my lyrics at them/The peer pressure, quickly escalating at an unacceptable measure/But you know you can rest assure, that there is a cure/And it’s made of pure, rage locked inside of a cage/Held together in shackles that are slowly being taken apart by every Word I say/It’s just another day, and I’m made of clay/Sculpted and changed in every which way, it’s just some game that they play/Still everybody disses me, even though lyrically thay can’t do shit to me/And it really pisses me, off how just cuz I’m white they throw me in a different house/A different class, with a whole bunch of stoning dumbass/Fools who think that they’re cool, but while I’m speaking the truth they’re nothing new/Seems like there’s nothing I can do, I’m some sort of lost cause/A white trash rock star, Who in rap is breaking the laws/Doing shit for a cause , just because It feels Good to make shit happen/Goddamn why is he even rapping OMG how could this happening/How could we, let someone like this advance lyrically/Well it’s simple you see, There is a beast within me trying to contradict me/And your beliefs, cuz morally I’m unacceptable no good cuz “He aint black he cant rap”/
Track Name: Mulan
She’s my Mulan, My Asian Piece If Paradise. Mulan

I Love You Mulan

She sent a message to my phone I check it was soon as I get home/She ask me if I’m getting bread I say bitch I’m getting fed/It’s called the art of getting by you should try it sometime/Instead of mooching off of me and taking all of my cheese/She say “Why you so fucked up?” I say bitch because I’m Pudding Cup/A darker side of reality all my relatives embarrassed of me/She say “Why you so scared?” I look down at the phone with a blank stare/Because I don’t know the answer and I’m the fucking master/She say “Do you even know the truth?” it lies deep inside of you/Well bitch I learn through error and trial because that’s just my style/And I’m in denial that I am truly vial/I take inches for a mile it’s all up in my file/A dark past as long as the Nile/River it’ll make you quiver make you shiver it could make you cry I’m sorry I just don’t why/She say “It don’t matter” it’s followed by laughter (It’s all good)/
Track Name: Pineapple
Catch me up at midnight, catch in this bitch like (Ayo Ayo, Ayo Ayo)/I want this bitch so bad, it makes me so sad (Ayo Ayo, Ayo Ayo)/Girl I love you, so will you please come through (Ayo, Ayo, Ayo)/I don’t just wanna take you home, don’t even wanna get you alone (Ayo Ayo, Ayo Ayo)/I just wanna hold your hand, girl you’re sweeter than/


So can you meet me by the lake, for heaven’s sake like (Ayo Ayo, Ayo Ayo)/I don’t wanna be too harsh, so if you don’t wanna go to the lake we can go to the park (Ayo Ayo Ayo Ayo)/Girl I want you so bad, it makes me so sad (Ayo Ayo, Ayo Ayo)/I wish I could see you through this telephone (Ayo, Ayo, Ayo, Ayo)/I just wanna hold your hand, girl you’re sweeter than/


Girl where you going, you better comeback or I’m blowing’, up because that’s fucked up/Ayo, bitch who you think you are, why you think you steal my heart, and leave a scar/You tear me apart, like it’s some form of art, your ass acted like cupid with a dart/Just when I let down my guard, now that’s something that’s so hard, for me to do/And I did it for you, I thought you were telling the truth, your ass acted sweet/But it didn’t take long for me to see, that you turn sour within the first hour/Like its back to rain showers, back down the latter, I’m always arguing with myself/I melt so easily, so why did you keep at me, what the fuck did you gain now I’m insane/I’d rather take a bullet to the brain, I don’t even know if you did anything but I just need someone to blame/Fuck your games I don’t wanna play, I really thought I had something with your ass/I need to go back to class, and stash my ass away with your sour ass/
Track Name: Blue
I still remember this girl with blue eyes that looked into my soul/And I was never the cool guy at school I used to get picked on and bullied it was cruel/Since I was little I knew I would never be cool maybe funny always blushing when I would see you/2 peas in a pod water and steam in a pot girl you had my heart, on lock down/I always listened to you in surround sound take a look around I always had a frown/Seeing you could turn it upside down then gravity brought me back down/Back to earth back into the world no more day dreaming for me I had to get real/There’s no way this girls heart I could steal this shit had me crying when I went out for fourth meal/

This is way before the days of my rapping skill pudding the evil conqueror never thought he had the mic to kill/It was way before the beat back in the day I had to compete with JB/Does anybody remember that song Baby wait let me get back on topic? Heart beat to the sound of you talking/That girl with the angelic voice my favorite thing at the talent show if I could choose I would choose you to blow/I may have a sick flow but you got the voice of an angel/You’re a princess a ray of sunshine for me this song is so deep it aint even got to rhyme/It’s your time I wish you were mine but it’s too late for that to ever be/ That’s even if you were attracted to me/
Track Name: Uno
Hey girl I’d like to meet you buy you a slice of pizza/And you can bring your chikas or you know you can just leave em/Cuz they’re with me gravity never seems to be around/ Cuz you always doing your thing do-do-doing your thing you’re my numero Uno/

Girl you aint no Amy Schumer I wish I could have met you sooner when I was bluer/ And girl you can be my Juror in the case tell them how we touch base/And how we go together like a pair of shoe lace/And just in case they do ask you can send they broke ass home let it pass/Because it’s mass with you and I won’t get mad at you it doesn’t matter if you get hit on by a couple of guys/Because I’m not the jealous type I don’t get mad when I ride I mean I won’t get pissed wait I might/I and you are so tight we close as could be nothing in the world could get between you and me/You and the music is keeping me out the street you always running around my dreams/I’m like girl I love you Girl I want you I want some of you in my life it’s our time/

Hey girl I’d like to meet you buy you a slice of pizza/And you can bring your chikas or you know you can just leave em/Cuz they’re with me gravity never seems to be around/ Cuz you always doing your thing do-do-doing your thing you’re my numero Uno/
Track Name: Dr. Pepper
Please go away you mother fucker don’t deserve to stay you gay fags/Stroll you ass on home and get blown please the show must go on/You don’t belong, whatever you say is wrong, and I’m gone… see wrong/You aint strong you’re weak bitch, you can eat shit Jesus, please just/Get the fuck outta here, good now it’s clear I can think, drank/My swimming pool till my mind goes blank, my minds so shank, my minds on crank/Your rhymes stank, my rhymes are tanks, I’ll blow your ass out the water/There’s no welcome back cotter, you father, of a bitch, you think you rich/You just a glitch in my mind wasting my fucking time, you blind, chump/Your rhymes suck, just like your bunk, imma kick your ass into the water and it goes “kerplunk”/You can suck, my cock I aint gay though, quit with the gay jokes.. gay folks/