Pink Matter

from by Danny Rauger

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Remix of Frank Ocean - Pink Matter


She told me she wanna find a new high/I told her hop on take ya on the ride of your life/Baby girl we gonna have a wonderful time/I’ll dim the lights you close your eyes/I just wanna hear the sound of your breath/The feel of your sweat as it runs down your breast/I can feel the air going in and out of your chest/I can hear you moan while you say I’m the best/We giving it our all and nothing less/It our first time and it’s tight/I don’t know what it is but we click and it’s right/And this is only the begging of the night/This all just feels so natural/Feels normal and like it factual/Feels prefect but the actual is that we acting like animals
Girl this room sounds like a zoo/Feels like we’re in a river canoe
I guess what I thought to be true/Only exist when it’s me and you/And girl you keep calling me God/I guess you’re right I don’t do the facades/I feel like I’ve just been found but before I was lost/I don’t ever want this to stop/We gonna keep it going till dawn/I don’t know how but we gonna wake up on the lawn/Of course naked in each other’s arms/And the neighbors gonna sound the alarms/We can hide in back up in my room/Do it all again I’m not tired are you/I don’t ever want this to end/Me and you girl that’s a good blend/And ohh the way you it feels when you bend/Don’t be shy girl this aint pretend/This aint a lie girl and I aint your friend I aint your brother/I’m your lover don’t be childish Donald Glover'Girl I’m making you hover/You either right above me or we next to each other/Or we in a line and I don’t mind being the one that’s behind/Hop on my lap like it’s your new ride/I don’t even know what we doing like we making it up/We’re finally proving our love/Girl you’re being so loud when you shout/In other cases I would tell you to pipe down/You biting your lip like you pout/You’re back straight but you normally slouch/Girl you’re making so proud/Feels like I’m floating on a cloud/We aint anywhere near a drought/We finally showing each other what we about/I don’t ever wanna crash back down into the ground/Girl we sounding like hounds/We all serious when we usually clowns/I’m about to give you a child/Because I really don’t wanna pull out


from Deadlines - EP, released March 14, 2014



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Danny Rauger Virginia Beach, Virginia

I'm 16 years old. I know this is cliche, but music is my life. It's the only thing I've ever stuck too. If you listen, thank you; and if you download, thank you. Thank you for just giving me the time of day.

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