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Remix of Kanye West - POWER


I’m living in that 21st century doing something mean to it/You never seen a rapper make such mean music/You never seen an amateur in the game act like such a king to it/You never seen someone with such ability to prove it/No one man should have all that power/The clocks ticking I just count the hours/Stop tripping I’m tripping off the power/Bitch, I’m back and growing/Multiplying my share holding/I’m crazy like my hair when the winds blowing/You fucking dumb happy pop rappy crappy flow fagots/Flows gimmicky only one sound “Hip Hop hippity!” god damn no dignity/SING WITH ME this is what the Eminem Show done did to me/Now I got the balls to scream FUCK YOU to anyone that’s MMLP 1 and 2/No balls faggots show off, show what off? Your assholes to kids of America/I feel like Yezzy you people out to assassinate my character

[Original Hook]

Fuck Cox High School and the whole staff/Tell em’ Danny said they can kiss my broke ass/Or maybe throw me a cashola/Oh I’m a kiss ass Damn Ms. Lant got jokes/You dudes short minded thought is Mr. Gibson/I’ve never been one for t ass kissing/Pleasing you faggots is not my mission/My mission is to win Grammys and make millions/Nah fuck that I mean Billions!/I’ve never been for grills so I’ll get diamond incrusted filling in/I love you all and I be killing Kin Murdering like Eminem killing Kim/What? You think I have feeling? Shit, that’s a wish a stretch like Mr. Fantastic/Aren’t my rhymes fantastic? I’m so egotistical I’m still bumping my last shit/I’m so fucking sick I got Relapse in while Recovery plays in the back of it/GOD DAMNIT! WHAT YALL THINK OF THAT SHIT?

[Original Hook]

Throw some flowers, your funerals in an hour/All you fuckers gonna miss me when I fucking leave/They say I’m the epitome of the class of 2016/Well that’s a pretty bad way to fucking diss me/Cuz I love that shot give me more hate/Damn dude you must be crazed if you think people’ll be amazed/When they find out you admin a 6K Facebook page (fucking faggot)/Yo how’s Josh doing? I’m Surviving/I was happy earlier now I’m crying/I felt alive and now I’m dying/Where the bad bitch at? Where you hiding?


from Deadlines - EP, released March 14, 2014



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Danny Rauger Virginia Beach, Virginia

I'm 16 years old. I know this is cliche, but music is my life. It's the only thing I've ever stuck too. If you listen, thank you; and if you download, thank you. Thank you for just giving me the time of day.

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